Commercial real estate is also called commercial real estate, investment real estate or land with income, is real estate (building or land) that is intended to generate capital gains or gains from rental income. Office buildings, medical centres, hotels, shopping centres, retail stores, apartment buildings, farms, warehouses and garages come under commercial real estate. In many countries, a residential property with more than a certain number of units is considered commercial property for credit and tax purposes.

Commercial buildings are used commercially and include office buildings, warehouses, and commercial buildings (convenience stores, big-box stores, and shopping centres). In urban areas, commercial buildings may combine offices on floors 2 to 10 with retail on floor 1, and if space is important for multiple functions, these buildings may be called multi-functional. Local authorities usually follow strict rules governing business areas and have the right to designate any area; The organization must be located in a commercial area or at least partially designated in a commercial area.

Types of commercial real estate:

Commercial real estate is usually divided into five categories:
  • Office Buildings :This category includes single-rent properties, small professional office buildings, downtown skyscrapers, and everything in between.
  • Retail/Restaurant: This category includes freeway facades, single-tenant stores, small neighbourhood malls, larger wholesale anchor centres, grocery stores with large grocery stores, such as Best Buy, PetSmart, OfficeMax, etc., regional and shopping centres.
  • Apartment Buildings : This category includes apartment buildings or high-rise apartment buildings. Anything larger than four counts as commercial property.
  • Land : This category includes investment properties on vacant, undeveloped rural land on the road to future development. Or fill the land with urban areas, pad sites, and more.
  • Industry :This category includes warehouses, large R&D, refrigeration stores, and distribution centres.
  • OthersThis catch category includes all other non-residential properties such as hotels, hotels, medical and self-storage facilities, and more.

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