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About Us

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Who We Are?

We are the market leaders in Buying, Selling, Renting and Leasing of Residential & Commercial Properties.
Mumbairealestates is a midsegment, luxury real estate agency serving the upscale residential and commercial property sales and rental market in Pune, Navi Mumbai and Mumbai. Our approach is based on trust building, professionalism and respect for consumers. We have a capable team of young and professional agents with a dynamic approach, diverse experience and skills to enhance our position as a leading and respected brand in India's real estate consultancy sector. This team is assembled by professionals with extensive experience in the related sector. The company was founded in 2012 to meet the growing need for highly qualified professionals and to address the lack of trust and the corresponding gap in on-site due diligence of real estate agents in India. We are proud to say that we have rapidly risen to the highest echelons of the luxury property market and aspire to become India's first truly leading global property consultant.
As the demand for homes and real estate increases due to the rapid development of urban areas and rising household incomes, Mumbairealestates is well-positioned to cater to the growing influx of homeowners looking to buy or invest in high-yield land and real estate across India. India's economic growth is driven by demand for new sectors such as trade and business as well as education and healthcare. With the political support of the Government of India and enabling 100% FDI (foreign direct investment) for cities and rehabilitation projects, we are on the threshold of a turning point in the Indian real estate industry.


We work together to help you get the best real estate deals. As a company founded in 2017, we offer exceptional priority offerings in first-class residential & commercial real estate, residential and commercial real estate leasing, and leasing.

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